Artist Statement

The soft sound of the wind moving through the pines; the power of sunlight peeking through the trees; the faint sound of a single exclusive distant bird; the temperature, and the pure clean smell of nature. These moments call me to protect our environment. What I observe in nature becomes the hub of the painting that tells the story I want you to hear.

My influences include master artists, C.M. Russel, Carl Rungus, Bob Kuhn and some of today’s great painters, John Seerey-Lester, Terry Isaac, John Banovich, Scott Christensen. Nature, however is my greatest influence. It is a privilege to support wildlife and conservation with my art.

I pursue reference material year round. I live in an area that provides wildlife experiences first hand and I travel the country to expand my view. It is vital and enlivening to see wildlife in their habitat. When I do, I feel the excitement and inspiration for each piece. I allow all of my senses to bring the animal to life on canvas.

My work is representational with a slight impressionistic edge. I set the mood by playing with background color, and using the pastel like a big loose brush. I add layers of pastel color to bring out the light in the scene and the spirit of the animal.